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today these two kids in my math class were hitting each other with pencils and my teacher glared at them and said “could you try to be a little more mature?”

one of them screamed “TAXES” and punched the other kid in the face

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so im gunna try and watch skins on the e4 website because there are NO links anywhere.. tunnelbear dont fail me now

nvm this 2 minute ad buffers every 3 seconds and the episode wont even play i am so FRUSTRATED

  • Sebastian: I don't always die, but when I do, I don't.

[10] tv shows: 3. community

Helping only ourselves is bad and helping each other is good.

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look at this picture and tell me i shouldn’t be best friends with robert pattinson

how could you cheat on this, Kristen Stewart?

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happy birthday canada this is your present

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